Finding Value In White Burgundy

I don’t know how many times I hear a customer ask for Chardonnay that is “Burgundian” in style as they browse new world labeled wines. There seems to be a slight bit of hesitation to bring home actual chardonnay from Burgundy and there may be a few reasons why this

Need Thanksgiving Wines?

As far as wine drinkers are concerned, Thanksgiving is the Superbowl of wine drinking holidays. With so much of the day centering around food, friends and family — wine is the natural choice for sharing the spotlight front and center on the dinner table or around a bustling kitchen. While

Introducing Our $99 Best Case Scenario

Vino Aroma has spent the last few months gathering the most interesting international wines for our annual $99 case sale. Among the several hundred wines we’ve recently tasted, we’ve chosen twelve (eight red and four white) that we’re excited enough to offer our customers. These wines are all boxed up

Simply Beautiful Malbec From the Loire

Do they really grow malbec in the Loire? They sure do but it’s called “Cot” and it hardly resembles the wines coming out of Argentina. Loire’s temperate climate enables malbec wines to embrace delicate aromatics, soft yet mouth-filling textures and a distinctive earthiness which graces many reds grown in the

Sauvignon Blanc Done Just Right

The globalization of the wine industry has opened up so many more options for the consumer – from more grape varieties to more growing regions. The world of wine awaits anyone that is willing to seek out what it has to offer. That being said – the consumer’s choices for

Well Hello Xarello

When I say Xarello you would probably say “Gesundheit” but the public’s lack of awareness of the grape doesn’t mean the public isn’t already drinking wine made from it. It’s best known for and most consumed in Cava – the Spanish sparkling wine of which it is usually blended with

File Under: South African Stunners

South African Chenin Blanc has certainly gained a reputation for value with numerous under $10 versions which offer refreshingly drinkable – yet simple takes on a grape that can ultimately yield many faces and styles. Man Vintners, Indaba, Robertson and even Ken Forrester all produce easy drinking, round, pleasurable wines

A Place at the Table for Great Barbera d’Alba

Barbera is never really given the respect or attention its nebbiolo-based cousins Barolo and Barbaresco receive, and that’s just fine because the two Piedmont natives couldn’t be any more different. Nebbiolo produces hugely tannic reds with a blackish hue that are really meant for aging while fetching big bucks at

The Most Interesting Rosé in THE WORLD!

We have some great rosés in the store but this one is my favorite by far. Artner’s Rosé blend of Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch is completely unique and handsomely attractive at $12.99. Haven’t heard of Zweigelt or Blaufrankisch? That’s alright. They’re not your everyday table wines…unless you live in Austria. Blaufrankisch,

Borgo Scopeto’s Chianti Classico

Every once in a while we come across a wine that reminds us of how special even a well-made elegant table wine can be with the right food, place – or most importantly – the right people. Sure there are times when we might enjoy a wine that upstages all