Finding Value In White Burgundy

I don’t know how many times I hear a customer ask for Chardonnay that is “Burgundian” in style as they browse new world labeled wines. There seems to be a slight bit of hesitation to bring home actual chardonnay from Burgundy and there may be a few reasons why this

Need Thanksgiving Wines?

As far as wine drinkers are concerned, Thanksgiving is the Superbowl of wine drinking holidays. With so much of the day centering around food, friends and family — wine is the natural choice for sharing the spotlight front and center on the dinner table or around a bustling kitchen. While

Introducing Our $99 Best Case Scenario

Vino Aroma has spent the last few months gathering the most interesting international wines for our annual $99 case sale. Among the several hundred wines we’ve recently tasted, we’ve chosen twelve (eight red and four white) that we’re excited enough to offer our customers. These wines are all boxed up