Distinctively Italian Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc can be as polarizing as chardonnay or cabernet franc when you consider how many styles are out there. While New Zealand may lead the world in sauvignon blanc sales that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there that keep their distance from the grassy and sometimes pungent aromas of cat pee that are the calling card for most Kiwi versions. That’s not to say that everyone likes the subtlety of Sancerre or the tropical character of California sauvignon blancs either.

So if you’re someone that’s most comfortable with the balance, ripeness, minerality and crispness of the whites of Northern Italy then you may want to try Dipinti’s Sauvignon Blanc that we just picked up at the shop. Fresh and clean with stone fruit and citrus aromas, Dipinti captures some of the stony, mineral laden flavors of the Dolomite region of the Veneto in this refreshingly dry version.

This unoaked sauvignon blanc spends four months in stainless steel and 2-3 months in bottle before its unleashed on the market. While it makes a great aperitif, there’s no doubt it plays well with summer salads, goat cheese, grilled seafood, white meats or even lightly spiced salsas. For $12 there’s not many whites out there that bring so much varietal and regional character at this price-point.


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