Movia’s Puro Rosé at Bryant St Trattoria Aroma

Aroma Bryant Street manager Breen Shea disgorges a bottle of 2003 Movia Puro Rosé at the table for guests. Movia’s Puro sparklers are traditionally made accept for the fact that yeast from the secondary fermentation (the fermentation that creates the bubbles) is left in the bottle in contact with the wine until the wine is uncorked and ready to drink.

This sparkling rosé made from 100% pinot noir unleashes intense candied strawberry aromas with some toasty fresh baked bread notes. As sophisticated as any sparkling rosé you’ll find at any restaurant or wine store.

In the photo Shea is uncorking the bottle in a tub of water releasing the yeast sediment into the water while keeping it pressurised as not to lose the wine inside before pouring. This wine is truly an experience from start to finish.

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