Borgo Scopeto’s Chianti Classico

Every once in a while we come across a wine that reminds us of how special even a well-made elegant table wine can be with the right food, place – or most importantly – the right people. Sure there are times when we might enjoy a wine that upstages all

Movia’s Puro Rosé at Bryant St Trattoria Aroma

Aroma Bryant Street manager Breen Shea disgorges a bottle of 2003 Movia Puro Rosé at the table for guests. Movia’s Puro sparklers are traditionally made accept for the fact that yeast from the secondary fermentation (the fermentation that creates the bubbles) is left in the bottle in contact with the

Ferrari in a Glass: Colle Manora Rosso Barchetta

Inspired by the classic Ferraris of Italy, this Piedmontese Cabernet Sauvignon based blend is reminiscent of the sleek yet powerful performance of Italy’s treasured racecar. A touch of Merlot and Barbera helps soften the edges in this intense wine, which is grown in clay heavy soils on southeast-facing slopes. Eight

Super Priced Tuscan: Fattoria Rodano

Rodano’s Poggialupi is made up of grapes sourced from the Chianti Classico Region but don’t let that fool you into believing this is just another Sangiovese. With a little help from merlot (about 10% actually) this Tuscan easily earns its Super Tuscan status for half the price of comparable juice.

Range Roving: The Chocolate Block 2009

While there are a few creatively packaged South African reds that bring extraordinary value to the everyday red genre, The Chocolate Block isn’t one of those everyday wines. It’s huge and extravagant, bold and decadent – perfect for those hedonistic moments when you want a wine that’ll leave an impression.