Range Roving: The Chocolate Block 2009

While there are a few creatively packaged South African reds that bring extraordinary value to the everyday red genre, The Chocolate Block isn’t one of those everyday wines. It’s huge and extravagant, bold and decadent – perfect for those hedonistic moments when you want a wine that’ll leave an impression.

Drinking this blend of Syrah (67%); Grenache noir (14%); Cabernet Sauvignon (10%); Cinsault (7%) and Viognier (2%) is akin to going big game hunting in the African Safari. But you’re not in an old beat up Jeep or Toyota–you’re shooting to kill in a fully loaded Range Rover navigating the brush in comfort. Plush and smooth with substantial weight and structure, this wine is adventure with a hint of danger and a dose of luxury.

Dark ripe fruit dominates the nose, while hints of chocolate, earth and spice add complexity and character. Its supple tannins and textured mouthfeel makes this as full-bodied as it gets, while still retaining a freshness that leaves you wanting more. We love the value in this big red, which outperforms others at twice the price.


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