Simply Beautiful Malbec From the Loire

Do they really grow malbec in the Loire? They sure do but it’s called “Cot” and it hardly resembles the wines coming out of Argentina. Loire’s temperate climate enables malbec wines to embrace delicate aromatics, soft yet mouth-filling textures and a distinctive earthiness which graces many reds grown in the region.

The winemaker Noella Morantin leases organically vineyards from nearby Clos Roche Blanche Winery and sticks to a simpler style of winemaking whereby she does not use additives (enzymes, tannins, fining agents) or cultured yeasts. These native or spontaneous fermentations are usually with whole clusters as opposed to grapes, which have already been separated from the stems and crushed. This method lends to a softer more fruit forward character than one would often get with the malbec grape.

The 2010 Cot a Cot evolves over the course of an evening but there are a few descriptors that keep coming up – seamless, delicate, pure, dark, balanced, elegant and honest. The fruit is dark and brambly with complex notes of dried herbs and tar.

We stocked this wine after a request from the Buffalo/Niagara Winos Group (a local Facebook wine tasting group) and quickly sold out of the first 2 cases. We’ve since bought the last case available and are releasing it to the public.

Morantin’s Cot a Cot is only available locally at Vino Aroma so if you are curious about Malbec grown in the Loire with minimal intervention and a whole lot of love then you may want to stop in and pick up one of the last bottles. If you want to read more about the winemaker, click here, here or even here.


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