Spring is Sparkling Rosé from Alsace

Why break your budget with Champagne when you can just as easily satisfy your appetite for bubbly with a traditional method sparkling rosé from Alsace? That’s what we were thinking when we picked up this Cremant D’Alsace Rosé Brut made from 100% pinot noir grapes.

While most associations with Alsace begin with Gewurztraminer or Riesling and end with Pinot Blanc, that doesn’t mean that the heart break grape doesn’t get a chance to shine here. In this bottle pinot makes for a lively base wine that yields a gorgeous pale pink color, bright aromatics and a delicate feeling of bubbles on the palate which many call “mousse.” Willm’s Cremant D’Alsace Rosé Brut boasts light strawberry aromas, floral notes and some darker berry flavors in an extremely refreshing frame of energetic bubbles.

This is certainly a step up from the simpler expressions you may find from Spain or Northern Italy via Cava or Prosecco yet it isn’t meant to substitute for fine vintage Champagnes. For $20 this wine is straight fun. It’s the perfect spring and summer aperitif and it’s also a great conversation starter.


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