Well Hello Xarello

When I say Xarello you would probably say “Gesundheit” but the public’s lack of awareness of the grape doesn’t mean the public isn’t already drinking wine made from it. It’s best known for and most consumed in Cava – the Spanish sparkling wine of which it is usually blended with macabeu and parellada grapes. As a stand alone grape, Xarello can produce strongly flavorful wines with much more aromatics then the other two grapes that make up Cava.

This rare interpretation of the Xarello grape comes from the Albet I Noya family and was produced in the Penedés region of Spain. The wine is made with organic grapes from old bush vines planted on steep slopes in Catalonia, Spain. The soils are mainly calcareous yielding chalky, mineral inspired flavors in the resulting wine.

This young white wine from the 2010 vintage is as interesting as its name. With aromas of peach, apricot, citrus zest and passion fruit it’s got a lot going on. It also shows a little bit of yeasty, fresh baked bread on the nose adding another layer of complexity. Round and balanced on the palate, it finishes dry and refreshing. This is a deliciously inexpensive white for $12.


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